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Atari Invasion on Tour - UK Edition

Atari Invasion on Tour (UK) The 16th and 17th of September the ‘Retro Computer Festival 2017’ took place in the ‘ Centre for Computing History ’ (CfCH) in Cambridge, meant as a fundraiser for the museum. During the festival several exhibitors showed their products, collections and even replicas to the museum’s visitors. One of our members jokingly suggested to visit the festival a couple of months ago, but surprisingly there was genuine interest within the team and even with the organisation of the festival itself. So we started preparations by deciding on a travel budget and started creating a preliminary planning: What to bring with only hand luggage available? As bringing luggage was out of our budget. So, we reached out to the CfCH and asked if we could borrow machines, screens and joysticks for the weekend. This turned out to be no problem at all, so our packing list was now limited to peripherals like memory expansions, video mods, cartridges. Hardware aside, we also wanted