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Back to the 70s

We are going back to our roots! We're preparing for the 8th edition of our annual 'Atari Invasion' of the HCC Commodore sig meeting in ' het Schuurtje ' (Zwanenkamp 1301, 3607NZ Maarssenbroek). This year we're going back to an early era in the history of Atari, the 70s.   We will cover a lot of the early consoles, such as the Touch Me , (home) Pongs and others. There will be icons like the VCS aka 2600 and of course the early home-computers known as the Atari 400 and 800. It is also highly likely that modern reproductions like the 2600+ and The Atari 400 mini will be part of our presentation, along with modern home-brew games, demos and Rasta conversions . As every year, there will be games, demonstrations and lots of time for socializing. Want to join in on the fun as part of the crew, let us known. If you just want to take a look around, we will be in 'het Schuurtje' (Zwanenkamp 1301, 3607NZ Maarssenbroek) all day on April 20th 2024. Doors op