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We're back!

 Another year, Another Invasion The preparations for already the 7th edition of our annual 'Atari Invasion' are slowly ramping up! Our take-over of the HCC Commodore sig meeting has 'Remakes and demakes' as this year's theme. Rest assured we will cover a lot of Atari and Homebrew items this year. Do note that the HCC Commodore sig has found a new home:  'Wijkcentrum Het Schuurtje ', which is located at: Zwanenkamp 1301, 3607NZ Maarssenbroek, The Netherlands.   We plan to change things up and deviate a bit from our standard, but rest assured, there will be games, demonstrations and lots of time for socializing. Want to join in on the fun as part of the crew, let us known. If you just want to take a look around, we will be in 'het Schuurtje' (Zwanenkamp 1301, 3607NZ Maarssenbroek) all day on April 15th 2023. Doors open at 10.00 and close at 16.00. Hope to see you in Maarssen! The Atari Invasion team