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The tradition continues

Season greetings! We have started with the preparations for the 3rd annual Atari Invasion of the HCC Commodore meeting. On February 17th 2018 we will again take over 'het Trefpunt' in Maarssen (NL). Not to spoil all the details just yet, here are some of the things you can expect for this edition: Our small museum rack and display cabinet will be there, filled with Ataris, home-brew and more. Plenty of paper items will make their way to Maarssen and perhaps even to your home! If we can convince the right people, we will clear enough space to preserve some of your classic games and other precious software from floppy disks and/or cassettes. Some of us were at Silly Venture  at the beginning of december and participated in the compos. It is only fitting that during the Invasion we will show a couple of demos (old and new) on at least three systems! It won't be just classics that will be present, we plan to show off modern Atari related(!) gear and projects. A

More about... Atari Invasion

Background Atari Invasion is a group of retro enthusiasts with a love for the Atari brand from the 70s, 80s and 90s. They’ve been in contact on-and-of since the 80s and more recently get together during the HCC Commodore sig meetings in the Netherlands. This is where they got the idea to start an Atari takeover of the Commodore meeting and so Atari Invasion was born. Here they are now, showing you that the Atari legacy lives on and that there are still many enthusiasts that release new items on a (fairly) regular basis. History The first invasion took place in 2016 and was an instant success. During the invasion most of the Atari legacy since the 70s, all in working order and playable for everyone, was shown. A year later they did another invasion, but this time focussed on the homebrew releases that are still created by atari enthusiasts all around the globe. This invasion turned out to be well received too and so they started looking for other venues to invade. Present


ABBUC JHV 2017 Elk jaar houdt de Atari Bit Byter User Club (ABBUC) haar ‘Jahreshauptversammlung’ (JHV). Tijdens een JHV zijn er tafels beschikbaar waar leden Atari gerelateerde zaken kunnen demonstreren, of hun (dubbele) hard en software verkopen. Verder krijgen de verschillende ‘regionalgruppe’ het woord en is er ruimte voor discussie over club gerelateerde zaken. Er wordt bekendgemaakt wie de ‘ABBUC Bundesliga’, hard- en software competities hebben gewonnen. Inmiddels zijn we aangekomen bij JHV nummer 32, gehouden op 28 oktober 2017 in het ‘Bürgerhaus Süd’ te Herten. Met het verstrijken van de tijd is het publiek veelal grijzer en kaler geworden, zo ook de vier Atari Invaders die zaterdagochtend vroeg aan de reis begonnen. Rond 8u werd Ivo door Dennis opgehaald en samen zetten zij de reis voort richting Hilversum, waar Freddy en Nir (overgekomen uit Israël voor de gelegenheid) al op hen zaten te wachten. Spullen voor de verkoop en ter demonstratie werden in de auto geladen en

Atari Invasion on Tour - UK Edition

Atari Invasion on Tour (UK) The 16th and 17th of September the ‘Retro Computer Festival 2017’ took place in the ‘ Centre for Computing History ’ (CfCH) in Cambridge, meant as a fundraiser for the museum. During the festival several exhibitors showed their products, collections and even replicas to the museum’s visitors. One of our members jokingly suggested to visit the festival a couple of months ago, but surprisingly there was genuine interest within the team and even with the organisation of the festival itself. So we started preparations by deciding on a travel budget and started creating a preliminary planning: What to bring with only hand luggage available? As bringing luggage was out of our budget. So, we reached out to the CfCH and asked if we could borrow machines, screens and joysticks for the weekend. This turned out to be no problem at all, so our packing list was now limited to peripherals like memory expansions, video mods, cartridges. Hardware aside, we also wanted