Atari Invasion 2k23 completed.

 Good morning,

The seventh (official) edition of our commodore club invasion was successful, we occupied the building in the early hours when none of the commodore members were present

On Saturday morning at 8.30 we entered 'het Schuurtje' with a small reconnaissance crew to start the build up. As every year, we told everyone we would bring less stuff and - just like all previous years - we failed (some more than others), but I digress. Most of the buildup was done by the time the meeting officially started, however, we were still waiting for the rest of the troops that were being held up for various reasons.

The theme for this year 'remakes and demakes' meant that we could sneak in other systems (as long as they would run Atari related games/software), so the vectrex with piTrex was showing off Atari Vector games like Battlezone. The stunt cycle proved to be very picky as to which TV system it would work on. Our 2600 consoles ran both Harmony and Pluscarts to load games, while the 7800 was running homebrews from Concerto cartridge with Pokey chip. Lamer Deluxe brought several Lynx consoles and a MiSTer that randomly loaded games to demonstrate. Ofcourse there were several homecomputers, ranging from the classic 400 to an Arabic 65XE (which makes some of the text of the in-store demo very hard to read). We had several Homebrews on display, a Video Music, Atari 800XL and 130XE mainboard remakes and -as we are too lazy^wbusy- unpopulated 1088XEL and 576NUC mainboards. The info-beamer presentation was showing classic advertisements, a demoscene timeline and a remake and demake presentation. The museum rack was filled with remakes like some the AT Games flashback consoles (the Flashback 9 was running the same sd card we used in the pre invasion). Also a boxed TV Boy, a Coleco Gemini console and a Japanese Atari 2800 Console which were lend to us by

As the HCC Commodore sig meetings are attracting more people, we had to give up some of our space. Hopefully by the time of the next invasion this will be resolved, either that or we finally learn not to take too much stuff with us.

You can find pictures of this and past events in our FlickR albums. A few shots of our corner of the meeting space:

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